29/01/09 Weather Report Verbier

January 28, 2009

Cloudy to start. 10km/h winds will make it feel colder than the actual -5. Winds should die down by the afternoon and there is a possibility of snow showers.

Expect clear skies, very little wind and mild temperatures; all adding up to a great day on the slopes. There’s still some untouched powder up there, why not book a session with one of our backcountry guides to make the most of it!!!! http://www.es-ride.com/back.html

27/1/09 Weather Report Zermatt

January 27, 2009

Great news!! Yet more snow has fallen over the whole of Zermatt today. Wednesday looks to be clearing up again but will remain cold with the temperature not rising above -7 so the snow should remain awesome. Added to this the wind will be light so a great day on the mountain is ahead.

Thursday morning looks like it is going to be a stunner with perfect riding conditions. The afternoon will start to cloud up with the possibility of yet more snow showers. The temperature will start to drop in the afternoon with a cold night ahead getting as low as -12 down in town, so if your heading to the Pap wrap up warm!

25/1/09 Weather Report Zermatt

January 25, 2009

After a mixed weather day yesterday, today appears bright during the morning. The afternoon should be blue bird, with the evening bringing some more flutters of fresh snow. Wrap up warm as the temperature will be well below freezing dropping to -17 at the top lift station with fresh winds. Keep your eyes open as you may well be able to find some secret powder stashes remaining after the great snow we’ve had the past few days.

Monday will continue as Sunday left off with light snow falling throughout the day. The temperature will remain well below freezing not rising above -4 in town and dropping as low as -17 at the top. Make sure you wear your low viz lenses to be able to make out the powdery bumps!

24/01/09 Weather Report

January 23, 2009


Moderate snowfall throughout the day, easing up by the evening. Hopefully conditions on the slope will be less severe than Friday afternoon and lifts wont be affected as badly. Expect temperatures to drop and wind speed to increase during the afternoon.

Clear bright start to Sunday with generally light winds. Clouds should come in as the day progresses and temperatures could be as low as -9’C. More snow due over the coming week!!!!

21/01/09 Weather Report

January 21, 2009

There’s more on the way… woohoo!!!

Another bright day with some cloud coverage. Generally light winds with a wind chill at around -10, and a possibility of light snowfall during the evening. Stick to those big skis and enjoy any fresh snow you can still find. The avalanche rating is 3/5 so be careful up there.

A mild start to the day with a good chance of rain below the 1700m mark. High 20km/h winds throughtout the day, and light snow from the afternoon onwards, setting us up for continued snow fall throughout the weekend.

19/01/09 Weather Report

January 18, 2009

The nights are cold…stay close and personal, conserve that body heat!

Monday: More strong winds, up to 15km/h and light snow throughout the day. Wind chill will take temps to -5’C so layer up. Might be a good idea to stick to lower slopes between trees for best visibility. Heavy snowfall during the night.

Tuesday: Expect snow fall to lessen by the afternoon, and winds to die down, leading to a clearer night with the odd snow shower. Definitely a night to stay in by a roaring log fire as temperatures will take a nose dive as low as MINUS 21 DEGREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowza!!!!!!!!!!!

17/01/09 Weather Report

January 16, 2009

Here comes the snow…(and the bad conditions)

A cloudy start to the day is a good sign of what’s to come over the weekend. Expect snow showers during the afternoon, developing to a steady but light snow fall throughout the night. Temperatures will be around the -1 to -5 mark but should plummet to -10 during the evening; so hold back on the revealing tops lads!

Snow, snow, snow!!!! The first snow since new year, an expected 5cm will be very welcome on the slopes. 20km/h winds will make it feel much colder than the actual -1degreeC though so wrap up warm if you’re brave enough to face less than perfect ski conditions.

14/01/09 Weather Report

January 14, 2009

Baby it’s cold outside…

More of the same; light winds, clear, sunny and cold! Watch out for the icy patches. Definitely worth making the most of the serene slopes before the onslaught of February half-term.

Following a clear morning expect some clouds during the afternoon, brought in on an easterly wind. Cloud cover should continue for the next few days marking a change in weather for the late weekend bringing a light dusting of snow.

12/01/09 Weather Report

January 12, 2009

Following on from today’s blissful conditions on the slopes (perfect for those racers out there) there is another beauty waiting for tomorrow…

Sunny, clear and warms of 1 degree throughout the day, any winds should drop by the afternoon so a small decrease in temperature shouldn’t be noticeable. Another great day to enjoy a picnic on the side of the piste whilst admiring the view over the valley.

Expect a colder start to the day and light snow showers are a possibility. Perhaps a day to leave those trendy shades at home and give your goggles an outing as visibility may be low. Chilly through out the day -5’C.

1st Weather Report Of The Season

January 9, 2009

Welcome to the first of a 3 times a week weather report brought to you direct from Verbier.

During the morning expect a little bit of cloud but this should clear during the day, better wrap up warm though as it could drop down to a bone shivering -16’C. The 10 km/h wind should disappear by the afternoon and leave you to experience all the peaceful runs at this quite time.

Beautiful Big Blue Bird for the whole of day, very little wind at all and hopefully not a cloud in the sky. So forget that long lazy Sunday lie in with the papers and hit the first lift to enjoy the amazing fresh corduroy down the M25 and the sun on your face.

ES adaptive ski school

January 5, 2009

The adaptive school has had a good start to the season. All the new adaptive ski equipment has arrived in Verbier and has been constructed. As part of the ski instructors formation week prior to the start of the season the instructors have had a go at using the equipment. Feedback from the instructors was good with many wanting to get more involved in the adaptive services.

I spent Christmas with the Henley family. Sarah Henley took our brand new adult Mountain Man out for a spin and had a week of perfect weather.

Ben Burgess tried skiing for the first time using our new bi-unique over the new year week and made rapid progression to being able to make turns independently by the end of the week.

Robbie Swan returned to the adaptive school for the second year running and progressed from Les Esserts onto La Chaux by mid week meaning everyone could go for a family ski together.

Jacob Ridder, a Verbier resident discovered the adaptive ski school whilst coming to the aid of the Henley family. The family’s Citroen Berlingo got stuck on a hill, Jacob assisted with a tow and spotted all the adaptive equipment in the car. Being a mono skier he was happy to discover there are adaptive instructors in Verbier who can help him progress his skiing and help him ski with his family.

It has been a very promising start to the season but there is still a lot of work to be done. A fundraising programme needs to be finalised, the remaining mono skis need to be delivered and constructed and there is ongoing promotional work with local Swiss charity groups as well as British associations. Even with a long “to do” list I feel really optimistic about the continued development of the adaptive school.

ES Go Sailing

September 16, 2008

ES Falcons

June 19, 2008

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Falcons Coaches Having a short Break at 1936

June 19, 2008

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More cow fighting. Amazing.

April 21, 2008

Courtesy of Oli A Dannat: the high drama of watching two slightly narked cows argue over a few square feet of grazing. Enjoy:

Cow fighting

April 19, 2008

Take a load of excited bovines who’ve spent the whole winter in a shed and then let them loose, and they get a bit feisty.

Add a bunch of Swiss farmers who’ve spent the morning drinking wine in the sunshine and arguing about who’s got the biggest cow, and, to be honest, you’re in for an amusing afternoon.

This year the Combat des Reines was back in Chable, and it looked a little something like this:

And Maryse is a legend…

April 17, 2008

Not only is it Maryse’s birthday today, she decided to celebrate by doing the Patrouille des Glaciers starting four am today…

The PDG is a big deal – like a marathon across the mountains on skis – and there are two versions: one from Arrolla, and one from Zermatt (which is the longer of the two and reserved for the clinically insane).

And the Swiss military get heavily involved, too, which is why my afternoon (hangover recovery) nap has just been interrupted by six fighter jets trying to get as close to our balcony as was humanly possible. Er, thanks.


Rocky Horrific

April 17, 2008

What were we thinking? I’m still wearing nail polish – I didn’t really think at the time, but how do you get this stuff off?

Yellow Maike’s last night in T-Bar

April 16, 2008

Well, nearly – he’s back tonight for the Rocky Horror show end of season party, and some more of this…

Yellow Maike’s last night in T-Bar

April 16, 2008

Well, nearly – he’s back tonight for the Rocky Horror show end of season party, and some more of this…